Self Love is Eternal


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We shall return.

Hate is a strong word, one that I’m not afraid to use 

when describing the wrecking mess inside my head.

I got used to the rushing stream of thoughts, 

the thoughts that define my existence

regardless of their lack of sense most of the time. 

It’s who I am, 

it’s what I have to live through-

yet again, 

the waiting will remain a mysterious dead loop; 

waiting for a former lover to return, 

waiting to regain control, 

waiting for having something to wait for, 

waiting for the end without creating it.. 

The unbreakable series of anticipation of the unknown,

filled with desperation to come to a halt.. 

Envious I am,

towards those lucky enough to stop & appreciate the beauty hidden beneath the feud..

The feud, that arised long before man kind ruled this realm.

Divided we came to be, 

and the more time passes, 

the more we divide ourselves;

countries fighting over the offspring of trees slaughtered,

and others bargaining over the blood

that flooded their thirsty throats..

A thirst for power, a thirst for meaning-

And here I am. 



And not powerful enough to master my own flesh.

I wish the world would pause for a minute,

realize that the sky is further apart than the core of the earth; realize that no matter what spaceships we invent, 

no matter how far we go, 

the heat fuming miles underneath will forever be closer 

and we shall return to it. 

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, 

we shall return.



A Divine Astro Tuneup

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Nicolas Ripoll by Sven Baenziger

"And in the silence I suddenly understood the many ways a person can die but still be alive."

- Carmen Rodrigues, 34 Pieces of You  (via avolating)

(Source: quoted-books, via nothingslikeitwas)



She loved the things she did not know. She was eager to learn, not in the way of a pupil, but somehow in the way of an artist.



I adore this

this doesn’t fit my blog but it’s too cool to pass up

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